Yes I’m Exclusive

#factsonly I don’t work with everybody. And it’s not about budget. It’s not even all about talent. It’s about impact. You can have bands and stacks and a killer voice to match. But if I don’t believe that we can create something magical, then I’ll gladly pass!
I’m serious about changing the world. I have sacrificed everything to master this craft. And as God directs me to artists that are worthy, I will bless then with songs that will change their lives and everyone around them. I’m holding onto dynamite. Don’t reach if you’re not prepared!
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My song got placed on the hit TV show Revenge (ABC)

Found out that a song of mine was played on this week’s episode of Revenge on ABC.  It’s an Alt Rock song created with Austrian collaborator Axel Bauer. This is the 2nd song from this EP to be placed on a major show.

If you’d like to hear the song, you can check it out here


or here