My creative process exposed – BTS – in the studio creating the original song – Occupation

The reaction to We Don’t Deserve Us has challenged me to stay in this creative space.

I actually love this challenge of creating something from scratch and have to do ALL the parts to bring it to fruition.

The process of getting this song complete required me to be a producer, songwriter, vocalist, vocal arranger, audio engineer, mastering engineer, video producer and video editor.

There are MANY people who can do all those things better than me. The only talent I will defend is my ability to write great songs. Everything else is just me trying to challenge myself.

I did all these parts in the week since dropping We Don’t Deserve Us.

Next week, I’m gonna try to do another one. I’ll just keep going for as long as this moves me. I don’t believe that we ever run out of ideas. Sometimes we just block up the flow. But I thank God that he has continually sent me ideas to work on. So, I’m just going to try to be faithful and keep them coming.

I appreciate every comment, share, like, message. Your comments, encouragment and even criticism means the world to me.

By the way, if you can’t tell, I’m very passionate about the creative process. I believe creativity is the God given right of every person – not just the especially talented. If you’ve been wanting to live a more creative life but aren’t sure how – leave a comment or message me.

My creative process exposed – BTS from sample to full song

I thought it would be cool to bring you behind the scenes on the latest song that I’ve been working on.

It took about 7 days to go from picking a sample, to creating a track to creating a melody to writing and recording a song to a finished product.

Tag a producer or songwriter that could benefit from observing the creative process.

You can hear the full song on soundcloud for free.