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Trying out a new plugin – Vocal Synth 2.

I love building tracks around vocal samples. Or using a voice sample as the basis of an instrument. A lot of synths sounds the same but no one will ever come up with the same sounding vocal samples.

It helps ensure I end up with something unique sounding.

Made a quick trap beat just to try it out. It’s unfinished though. Need to add some transitions and a bunch more elements.

If I finish it, I’ll let you hear it 😊

Loving this new plugin though.


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Free 60 minute video course for music producers

Music Producer? Want to do it FullTime?
Follow these Six Steps towards Six Figure Income

Presented by Eric J Campbell – Songwriter / Producer. My music has been placed on various TV shows (Greenleaf, Shameless, Love & Hip Hop, Revenge, MTV True Life, etc). I’ve also place music with recording artists including Musiq Soulchild, Bootsy Collins and Sara Stokes.

This is a detailed course with lots of info and no sales pitches. It’s just under 60 minutes and full of everything you need to start making money from your music production.

As I say in the video, this isn’t about overnight success. The total time to implement all of these steps is two to five years (depending on your current level). That may seem like a lot but if you knew you could walk away from your job in 2 to 5 years wouldn’t you? Well this plan will help you to do that. Of course, I can’t guarantee results and how much you ultimately make will be based on your talent and your hustle but these are the steps that have helped me and a numerous people, that I know personally, do music full time.

Watch the complete video and feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions. I hope you find it helpful!

Here are the six steps along with all the links mentioned in the video

Step #1 – Get Qualified Feedback

Search Reddit.com
Search Facebook Groups

Step #2 – Learn an Instrument – Guitar or Piano

For Guitar – Search Youtube – Guitar Lessons
For Piano – check out Easy Piano for Songwriters and Producers

Step #3 – Study Other Genres (and steal from them)

Search Google “top music production tutorials”
Search Youtube “how to make {artist name} type beats”
Also on Youtube – search “EDM tutorials” and “Beat tutorials”

Step #4 – Get Songs or Choruses written to your tracks


Step #5 – Reformat Beats as TV/Film Cues

Sites to submit music (ONLY AFTER STEPS 1 – 4)


To research more music libraries

Step #6 – Learn Digital Marketing

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

The Perpetual Traffic Podcast

For more info

Q & A – How do I get my niche specialty music licensed for film and television?

Q & A – How do I get my niche specialty music licensed for film and television?


About a month ago, I participated in an online course that taught participants how to make money licensing their music for film & television.

I just received a question via email from one of the participants.  It’s such a great question, I want to share it with all of my readers.  Take a look and hopefully, if you’ve had a similar question, then my answer will help shed some light for you.


I just listened to your webinar with Karen Mason and I had a question concerning music genre and where a good place would be for music placement. Our music is smooth jazz based with an urban groove. I am a member of several music supervisor sites (TAXI, Modernbeats.com, Beatstars.com and a couple others) I have had music selected on Modern Beats but still no official contact from the executives. However I seem to be hitting a flatline with TAXI. Everything I turn in has been rejected. My question for you what do you feel is a good direction to look in for instrumental urban smooth jazz music?
Thank you in advance for your time
Sincerely  xxxxxxx


Hey xxxxxxx,

Honestly, I’m not sure what the best outlet for smooth jazz is.  Seems like you’ve made some music and are trying to find a home for it.  It’s actually hard to succeed that way in the licensing game.  It’s better to find out what’s selling and then see if you can make it.
When I started with TAXI, I was doing just R&B.  But at the time there were only a few listings for R&B songs.  I noticed there were a lot more for Pop, Alt Rock, and EDM music.  It took some time  (I had to block off about 2 months where I didn’t do anything else but learn a new style of production)  but I soon learned to do all three of those genres.  I didn’t stick with EDM because those songs require a lot of effort but Alt Rock came easy for me.  And my first placement through TAXI was an Alt Rock tune.  I actually haven’t had any placements for my R&B stuff yet (although a couple have been picked up by a few publishers).
Point is, there may be some occasional jazz listings on the TAXI site but probably not too much.  There are some though –  although they may not be urban or contemporary.  The  more flexible you can be, the better your chances of getting a placement.  If a listing comes out for be-bop or swing or big band, you might want to give it a try.  And if your musicianship is strong enough to do smooth jazz then you might be able to quickly learn how to do instrumental cues which are in high demand like quirky cues, tension cues, urban quirky cues, trailer music, etc.  I found that urban quirky cues were pretty easy for me since I have an orchestral background and I know hip hop so I spent a couple of weeks just learning how to make urban quirky cues.  Ended up getting a bunch of them placed on MTV and Oxygen.
So, to summarize,  see what’s in demand and then figure out how you can shift and make what they want.  Don’t wait for the industry to come to you.  Figure out what the industry wants and give it to them.
Hope that helps.

@garyvee still a long way to go but I've started implementing $1.80 principle and doing IG Business development while creating new content (which for me is new music) regularly. And, doing some eBay/FBA hustle on the side. It's a lot but you've inspired me. Thank you🙏🏾

@jgiannantonio 😂😂 sad but true. Why do we torture ourselves? Lol

@DrKarenFinn I'd say learning to be 'comfortable' being alone...

@JAYVERSACE Take your time. Take your time!

Great article for those questioning their creativity. https://t.co/ezt9rM0KWS

@GlimmerGuy @FastCoDesign Came across the article searching #creativity on Twitter. Thought it would be fluff from the title (cause everyone does lists) but man those are GREAT questions. Thank you.

@nayyirahwaheed Profound. But if an artist doesn't know this, they might not nurture the other mediums. That might just focus on whichever talent came first.

@beatsbypotion I prefer Ableton and whiskey 😊

@Makakmusic I know the pain. Maybe take a breather. You can do it.

Did pretty good with exercising this month 💪🏾 Trying to consistently hit 5-6 days a week. #fitness #morningroutine https://t.co/q3g8l87Dig ericmakesmusic photo

The piano instruction book I published last year is still selling 2 to 4 copies every day. I'm grateful. Music producers and songwriters looking to learn their chords and chord progressions can check it out at https://t.co/LcW0ggAGni https://t.co/yfXblcTDZB ericmakesmusic photo

@VertinaBrown This'll sound crazy but I think we're related. Follow me so I can DM you and let you know my story. Or email me at ericmakesmusic @gmail.com

@nadaleenatasha @PiaGlenn Wow. I love this. I might write a song about it.

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