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I’ve been horrible

Some of you haven't heard from me in a while   It's not because I haven't been working.  Quite the opposite.   Many of you follow me on social media so you know what's been going on in my life.  This year has somehow turned out to include both the most amazing AND the...

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1 day ago
Didn't expect much after the trailer but I went to see #BreakingIn just to support @itsgabrielleu's production debut. Ended up being incredibly surprised. Such a good film. Acting and directing - top notch!!
1 week ago
No thanks @hulu! I'm not paying for a service that only shows the 5 recent episodes. Call me when you start getting complete seasons.
1 week ago
@RickandMorty @danharmon @JustinRoiland Wow. So many episodes. You should make a whole Pickle Rick season... since you have so many episodes and all.

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