Musicians For Streaming

I love @taylorswift & @adele but I think they got it totally wrong! Don’t force your fans to listen to your music the way YOU want them to.

@ariherstand wrote a great blog post today on why he won’t buy Adele’s album and I totally agree! I’m glad to see other songwriters coming forward in favor of Spotify and other streaming services.

Streaming services are not the enemy. The dinosaurs in this industry and those who have been resisting change every step of the way – they are the enemies. And Taylor Swift and Adele are lining up with the wrong sides!

#songwriter #musicindustry #songwriting #spotify #streaming #tech #adele #taylorswift (at Atlanta, Georgia)

Thanks Hypebot!

Thanks Hypebot!

My blog post was just picked up by @hypebot a top #musicindustry blog. Guess I need to get started on part 2 of the series – Get Your Songs On TV. #songwriter #musiclife #songwriting #filmmusic