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Write, Submit, Forget, Repeat

In the TAXI community we have a saying, Write, Submit, Forget & Repeat.   The “Forget” is the hard part. The point is, you have to write songs, submit them to opportunities and then move on to the next song/opportunity.  You can’t waste time wondering and worrying about whether you get the placement or not. And this placement is a perfect example.

Years ago, I wrote this song, Boom Dynamite, with former Bad Boy producer Chucky Thompson.  It was created for an artist that he was developing at the time. It was an exciting opportunity but it ultimately didn’t happen.

And now, years later, he’s working with Chinese R&B star Catina Mezereon and she ends up recording the song and it gets a major feature in choreographer Laurieann Gibson’s show: Beyond The Spotlight.

So, this is a reminder to myself – just keep writing, keep submitting.  Then forget and repeat!!

Thanks TAXI!!

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Proud – In Studio Performance – feat Cleveland P. Jones

written and produced by Eric J. Campbell

featuring Cleveland P. Jones on vocals.

Proud is a song over a year in the making.

It came to me a few months after my wife Stacy passed away.

I played with the idea in my head for a while but didn’t fully act on it.

Then, in Oct of 2018, I committed to fully writing, producing and recording the song.

On my page you can also watch the full ‘Making Of’ Video to see how it all came together.


verse 1

I miss you here

It doesn’t seem fair

I’ve tried to move on

but your fragrance is strong

all of our hopes

and all of our dreams

Finally happening

but you’re not here to see


but I hope you are proud

I hope you are proud

if you’re looking down

right now

let me know that you’re proud

Verse 2

I’ve kept the fire

I’ve stayed in the race

And when I get tired

I picture your face

And I remember your words

as I hustle along

I see your face in the stands

I hear you cheering me on


Are you saying you’re proud

I hope you are proud

if you’re looking down

I sure hope you are proud


tell me it’s true

encourage me now

tell me that you’re keeping watch

helping me to be strong

I wake up at night

I swear something touched me

I think it’s you pushing me on

I gotta believe

cause I can’t believe that you would just

leave me

here to figure it out

on my own

This wasn’t the plan

we said that we would cross

the finish together

I don’t understand

what kind of grace

is it to steal you away

I’m trusting I’ll see you again

and when I do

I know you

will tell me you’re proud


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This speaks to the power of creatives to change the national conversation.
I say this because, in my opinion, if it weren't for @HBO, The Watchmen, and Damon Lindelof, we wouldn't be talking about Tulsa this way.

So, if you're a creator, please, keep making things. https://t.co/L1d1zoNbFU

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@BrandoniZamboni @pluerrrpht @Ricky_SkS @Telegraph I’m didn’t present anything as fact. The poster asked our opinion and that’s all this is. I have no idea what’s true. I think satellites capturing images of maneuvers are still looking at things already in our atmosphere and not capturing an object approaching. Thus my view

@pluerrrpht @Ricky_SkS @Telegraph I don’t know if that’s true. There are thousands. Some are taking pics of space. But my point is we have LOTS of eyes looking at space at all times, it seems. Telescopes, observatories, satellites and more. Seems unlikely to me that we NEVER observe anything approaching.

@predacle @Ricky_SkS @Telegraph You could have taken the opportunity to educate me. But I guess you got more out of sighing. Anyway I expanded my understanding on my own and it still supports my theory. https://t.co/iVPIRQ1oSt ericmakesmusic photo

@Ricky_SkS @Telegraph All the reports of UFO's seem to always be after they've entered our atmosphere and are flying in our skies. But never an observation of a unidentifiable object approaching our atmosphere from space? Think of how many satellites we have orbiting the planet? Never a detection?

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@KevinMoyer 100% Agree!! This is really cool!!!

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I’m watching @InvincibleHQ and let me just tell you @Justvonw, the Ohana Bam placement is probably the best foreshadowing I’ve ever seen with music!! Didn’t see that coming!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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Still pushing for DC to become a State but, Glenn Close shouting out Suga Bear is like the next best thing!! https://t.co/ExLhmkMxaX

@ItsBVickers lol. I'm not mad at it. I actually liked it better than any of the previous. My wife was giving me the side eye the entire time though.

@ItsBVickers I couldn't even watch. Just planned to check twitter later.

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